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How to have an eco Wedding

Sustainable wedding flowers.  Eco Weddings. Eco Lugarno florist.
It's wonderful that more couples are becoming mindful about spending their dollars in a meaningful way, choosing local & seasonal flowers. Our couple's love hearing about what we do to bring local and seasonal flowers that enhances a unique personality to their special day. As farm to table & Rustic weddings become more popular in Australia, couples are wanting to know where their flowers are coming from , to complete the whole eco-conscious option. Having beautiful fresh flowers has it's fragrances giving much more meaning remembering that fragrance you had in your bouquet or buttonhole. In turn leaving meaningful memories of your Wedding day. Flowers are so magical in the fact that they can communicate where words may not. Another important fact is overseas flowers are often using unethical practices where workers are mistreated and taken advantage of . Not to mention the fact that extra chemicals are used in spraying imported flowers before they enter Australia these chemicals are harmful to workers and florists alike who are handling these flowers on a daily bases. Floral foam has become another topic in sustainable floristry foam isn't biodegradable and is also carcinogenic more florists are now looking at other ways to design in a safer way ,something that I've been doing for years. There are still many ways to design in a greener way. Just a few reasons why sustainable flowers is growing in popularity. So much so Prince Harry and Princess Megan had for their wedding they have become our role models for a sustainable floral industry. Exciting times ahead. Dianna Langley Knight eco/ sustainable friendly Florist Lugarno 2210.