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WE ONLY DO SUPER FRESH  SEND US A MESSAGE OR EMAIL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. diannadragonflymagnolia@hotmail.com  or call 0422754074   .  FENG SHUI is an Ancient art form going back thousands of years. The basic principles is We are connected to an energy force around us and certain objects and compass placement can enhance this engery called chi giving extra luck and power to an area we want to enhance.  Living breathing object's such as fresh flowers do this effectively . By placing particular flower  varieties and correct colors you can place them in their compass position and increase the energy chi to the area it represents.  FENG SHUI has enhanced my world with so much and hope you will enjoy it too.!! You can select from our beautiful range of flower bouquets or table arrangements. 



First of all you're already ahead of the pack as your flowers are locally and garden grown. Yor flowers will last longer. But to increase the longevity even further follow these easy steps. 

Change your vase water every two days to clean fresh water and remove any floating bits in the vase like fallen leaves.

Add flower food if you wish.

Keep them away from heat and strong drafts. 

Ok that's it now enjoy nature's gift. Dianna xx

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