Our Story and Ethos.

Thank you for choosing Dragonfly & Magnolia for your special flower needs.What makes us different to the usual world of the floristry.?Our aim is to provide local flowers and products to our flower kin followers. We like to keep it clean and green. In a world full of so much toxic chemicals and waste we strive to address these issues the best way we can .For example we don't use plastics , cellophane, glues ,or sprays of any kind. We also don't use floral foam which is not healthy to us or the environment. Our packaging is made from natural materials such as paper , jute, burlap and eco floral tape . Our creative style is inspired by nature and it's seasons, blending into a natural romantic wild garden feel. Some of our foliage is home grown and foraged. This gives your flowers a unique and special look that no One else has . Our head design Dianna Langley Knight has had over 20yrs floristry, color , design and styling . Dianna has an eye for detail and artistic expression . Her clients love the way she can put together complete individual expressions of their dream visions.We cater to weddings , event's  corporate functions  churches and small private parties  .So come join us in starting a new green healthy world of flower revolution!!. With Dragonfly & Magnolia.