Wedding Information

Weddings are so individual with expressions of your love your journey your dreams. Every wedding deserves to shine even with the smallest budget. The honest truth and I won't lie  is there is a big difference between local good florist quality and cheap supermarket flowers. They are harder to keep fresh won't hold up and not to mention imported and drowned in chemicals before they reach our shores. The other misconception is Pinterest,  remember Pinterest is a good start for inspiration and there's nothing wrong with that , but what they don't show you is how expensive those weddings actually were. We have a lot of experience turning a small budget into something really special.  NOW you may not get a Megan and Harry wedding but you will still have your unique day. That's what a professional florist will show you , how to get a beautiful wedding within your budget. Contact us for more information  0422754074   or look at our online packages.