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Here are some of the ways we make your flowers the sustainable way. Our style is based on the English/French garden design. We use a variety of greenery, different size flowers,textures and fillers,and even some natural dried flowers in the mix as a little surprise, this gives the overall design look of natures garden at it's best! Think of a era gone by , vintage gardens with a natural design, when in season we use alot of classic loves such as roses, stock , tiny daisy, queens Ann lace, lisianthus and many more.


  • We don't use single use plastics, our bio water bag wraps are either plant based or biodegradable.

  • All our flower box's and wrap are kraft paper, we don't use plastic wrapping at all. We use natural jute , cotton, string , bamboo to tie and adorn your flower gift's. Our funeral wreaths and hearts are made from a biodegradable base and not the plastic ones that are normally used. And natural cello wrap.

  • Floral foam the green stuff you may have seen in alot of flower designs , this is a plastic product that does not break down and is harmful to users and environment. We use a new floral wool fibre that has been a game changer in floristry, this product does break down is natural and safe to us and the environment. This fibre foam can be used to grow seeds or composte for your garden.

  • We buy and support local growers , they are our backbone of what we do , working with the seasons to bring you the best we can. As florists we take pride in protecting nature without them there is no us!


A little about Dianna & Team

We are a eco and susutainable floral business , we are foam free and keep our practices as green as we can. Dianna has had over 20 years in floristry , Interior Design and Styling Our Unique and beautiful Garden designs combine the classic with the modern.We have fresh flowers daily and guarantee unique beautifully designed creations that have the Wow factor and are long lasting, fragrant and only Australian grown. Being sustainable we try to order just the right amount to cut down on as much wastage as possible.We also sell a range of eco gifts, chocolates and 100% Organic soy  Candles. Wreaths, corsages and event Arrangements for home and Business

How we work in a Florist studio to a Brick and Mortar shop.

When we recieve our website orders we order our stock to keep our wastage down being eco that is important to us. What does this mean for our customers?, it means your order will be made from the morning stock arrival, keeping your flowers super fresh and longer shelf life. On the down side we can run out of stock before closing at times, this is why our regular customers pre order or call ahead to secure our daily supply for their orders.


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